Artist’s Book Community

Artist’s Book Community Artist’s Book Creators Community was created for artist’s book creators to share ideas and participate in collaborative art projects. Since 1993, the Circle “Bokartas” organised more than 50 international artist’s book exhibitions, workshops, symposiums and lectures in Lithuania, Germany, Austria, South Korea, Japan, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, France and U.S.A. Many international world famous… Continue reading Artist’s Book Community

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Artist’s Book – Conceptual Book

Artist’s Book – Conceptual Book Artist’s book represents a conceptual book, which from the beginning to the end is created by an artist himself/herself. A book has a clearly expressed idea governing all its space. Using various artistic means an artist himself/herself creates image and text, binds the book. Artist’s book is an integral work… Continue reading Artist’s Book – Conceptual Book

History of Artist’s Book Exhibitions

History of Artist’s Book   In 17th of August 1993 the First International Artist‘s Book Exhibition “Book” was opened in Lithuania, in the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius. The curator was Kestutis Vasiliunas. In 1993 we began to organise the Artist’s Book Exhibitions and we have made more than 40 International Artist’s Book Exhibitions in Lithuania,… Continue reading History of Artist’s Book Exhibitions

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